Queen For The Day

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Queen For The Day®?
Queen For The Day® is the world's first luxury service to honor and pamper women visitors or residents in a royal way. For eight hours she reigns supreme. A personal staff will provide gracious attention to her every need in a day filled with indulgence and enlightenment.
2. How much is this wonderful luxury service?
Queen For The Day® packages start at $1500 for a half day, which includes a chauffeur, and $2000 for a full day with a personal staff of 3. The sky is the limit! A customized day can also be planned according to her needs and wants. (See "I want reservations" crown.)
3. What does Queen For The Day® offer that special lady?
buttetGracious attention and exquisite indulgence
buttetA day of fun and laughter
buttetPrivate chauffeur and personal lady-in-waiting
buttetAccess to exclusive, one-of-a-kind places
buttetThe utmost care for safety and privacy
buttetPersonalized mementos to remember that special day
buttetCustom packages/pricing
buttetPre-set packages/pricing
4. How does Queen For The Day® work?
Over the telephone or fax machine, a Queen For The Day consultant will help assist you with choosing the perfect indulgences that special lady would enjoy for her Ultimate Personalized Day of Honor. You will have peace of mind knowing that your gift shopping is done and that your Queen For The Day Gift Certificate will arrive on time with a 24 karat gold red rose that will last a lifetime.
5. Is Queen For The Day® right for her?
Does that special lady deserve to be treated to a "Day of Honor" for all she does?
Does she enjoy the best?
Does she need to stretch her horizons and experience glorious feelings?
Does she enjoy being indulged?

If she is ready to be Queen For The Day®, she is ready to be Queen for Life, and with the follow-up plan we send you afterwards, she will be!

6. How will that special lady benefit?
To be treated with honor, with high esteem, and with uncompromising luxury, that is the treatment befitting a queen. When a lady is treated like a queen, she becomes a magical and enchanting being. She emerges calmer and happier. Who could deny that special lady a chance to experience such glorious feelings?
7. How will you benefit?
In ways you never expected. It will solidify your relationship and acknowledge your love for each other. Queen For The Day® offers the busy executive visiting the Valley an opportunity to show that special lady how important she is to him while he is in all-day meetings or on the golf course. Queen For The Day® offers the resident a wonderful way to say "I Love You" on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or a milestone birthday. It's a great way to re-new your wedding vows for an anniversary, as a very special knighting ceremony for both the spouse and that special lady, concludes the day. What a perfect pick-me-up for a woman who has just had a baby. Whatever the occasion, Queen For The Day® is a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. No matter who receives this wonderful gift, she won't be able to stop talking about what you have done for her. It's a wonderful way to honor that star female employee! Recognition means more than CASH!

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