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Queen For The Day® is a one-of-a-kind luxury service we provide for women visiting the Valley of the Sun. This extraordinary luxury service for well-traveled guests sets new standards of luxury and refinement in a day of pampering their body, mind and spirit.

Lady Nancy McKay, president and founder of Queen For The Day® has 15 years of experience entertaining world leaders and international royalty. Her extensive connections in the Valley of the Sun give her access to the special people and places reserved only for the most influential.

Queen For The Day® is the Ultimate Pampering Experience, and is a day to be cherished for a lifetime. Each package is custom designed and priced according to your choice and wishes, as follows:

A Royal Start To A World-Class Day

bullet Nancy McKay - Personal Lady-in-waiting
bullet Private Chauffeur

Morning Indulgences To Choose From: (2)

bullet Tea and a 1 hour seminar on "Your Favorite Jewels From Around The World" from a world famous jeweler.
bullet 1 hour Wardrobe Seminar on "Bringing Out What Is Special In You"
bullet Private Golf/Tennis Lesson
bullet Southwestern Adventure Excursion

bullet An Elegant Lunch Fit For A Queen Or Royal Party with Lady Nancy McKay speaking on "Entertaining with Ease" or "Etiquette and Protocol."

Afternoon Indulgences To Choose From: (2)

bullet Health and Beauty Treatments from a world class spa- Facial and Massage
bullet 1 1/2 Hour Body, Mind & Soul Meditation Experience (Includes energy healing, revitalized breathing and a soul reading - A very relaxing experience!)

Why don't you let us create the ultimate personalized day where the wife or wives of the executives' personal needs and well-being will be expertly indulged for their eight-hour day. Please call me at 602-955-2046 with any questions you may have! We look forward to serving you and to making it a day that will be cherished for a lifetime! Half Days are also available without the fanfare so if you would like a morning or afternoon at the spa with or without lunch or dinner, that is also possible!

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