Queen For The Day

Picture of Lady Nancy McKay
Nancy McKay wants to honor women, one queen at a time.

At age 40, Nancy McKay wanted a new life, and resigned from her 19-year job with an internationally known consumer-products company, where she was national sales manager - market development. She had a dream. All her adult life, she knew that she would have a service-oriented business helping women. Picture of Nancy with childShe never knew what it would be until her 40th birthday, when she reigned queen for the day. She wore a tiara to help celebrate the momentous occasion, and had so much fun that she wanted other women to experience the special treatment she got. That night, the concept of Queen For The Day® was born. "It's a funny thing about life," Nancy says, "Sometimes you have to 'let go' before you are given the idea for what is next on the agenda of life. It's called FAITH; all you need is one seed waiting to sprout into a field of dreams. One change, changes everything in your life."

But it didn't stop there. Nancy picked up and moved from Dallas, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona, where she had been visiting her father for 15 years. There she started her new life and her business, Queen For The Day®, a luxury service designed to empower and pamper women visiting the Valley of the Sun as well as residents of the area, in a royal way.

Picture of Nancy Nancy arrived on November 3, 1995 and began networking as soon as she arrived. She joined professional and social clubs and became active as a fund-raiser for non-profit organizations including her church, Valley Forward and Phoenix's Sister Cities Commission-Office of Protocol. She serves as a board member of Florence Crittendon Services of Arizona, Inc.

Nancy also serves on the board of the Mott Community College Foundation in Flint, Michigan, where the Co-op Center at Mott Community College was named after her late mother, Helen L. McKay, who was an instructor and founder of the program in 1953. In Dallas she worked as a volunteer for 12 years for the office of International Affairs -- Office of Protocol at City Hall, where she organized receptions for royalty, foreign presidents and U.S. ambassadors. She enjoyed showing them the warm southern hospitality that Dallas is famous for. Since Nancy loves to entertain with a flair, she decided to turn her volunteer work into a career.

Picture of Nancy "If I can host royalty, I can host that special lady and treat her like royalty," Nancy says. There's something about how she entertains that makes you want to come back. Her laughter, energy, enthusiasm and dedication to women's issues will present her with endless opportunities.

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