Queen For The Day

Princess For The Day

(For girls 12 and over)
Picture of Princess For The Day

If you're searching for that most unusual birthday gift for that special occasion, consider Princess For The Day.

Princess For The Day designs a personalized day to pamper your little princess with honor, high esteem and uncompromising luxury. It is the perfect way to make her feel special and loved. Each little princess has her own personal staff and private chauffeur to escort her through an eight-hour day of indulgences fit for a princess.

Lady Nancy McKay, president and founder of Queen For The Day has 15 years of in-depth knowledge of Phoenix and its surrounding area. She has 12 years of experience entertaining world leaders and foreign royalty. Her extensive connections in the Valley of the Sun give her access to the special people and places reserved only for the most influential.

Princess For The Day is the Ultimate Pampering Experience, and is a gift to be cherished for a lifetime. Each package is custom designed and priced according to your choice and wishes, as follows:
buttetNancy McKay - Personal Lady-in-waiting
buttetPrivate Chauffeur


buttetBeauty Treatments
from a world class spa
buttetWardrobe Consultation
with a fashion consultant to the celebrities.
buttetAn Elegant Lunch or Royal Tea


Choice of:
buttetPrivate Golf/Tennis Lesson
buttetAn Adventure Excursion
buttetPersonalized Etiquette Training
buttetA Fantasy Afternoon Spent with a Mentor of her Choice

buttetA 2 Hour Art Class where she will learn how to release her creative spirit through drawing and watercolor opening her up to a world of enchantment and magic. The teacher facilitates each student into their own unique expression.

Why don't you let us create the ultimate, all-encompassing personalized day for your little princess? When only the best will do, call 602-955-2046. Her friends can join her for the luncheon part of the day, if you would like! She will be the envy of all her friends! We look forward to hearing from you to reserve the date!

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