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Queen For The Day® "Special Occasion" Parties

Don't have the time to plan your own or a friend's birthday or "special occasion" party? Don't despair! Nancy McKay has been planning her friends parties for years, and now she's expanding her Queen For The Day® business into "Special Occasion" Parties, and specializes in "Decade" Birthday/Anniversary/Retirement parties including "special moment" engagements! Her "unique way" and totally personalized "Special Occasion" parties are remembered for a lifetime by the one celebrating as well as the people attending! They are so much FUN, and can be done at "no cost" to the person giving it! Nancy feels that birthday's, especially "Decade" birthdays/anniversaries/retirements and "special moment" engagements are meant to be celebrated, in style with style, and wants EVERYONE to experience one of her parties! Her motto is "We treat others as we treat ourselves" and her mission is "To inspire honor and respect in a fun, loving way."
Birthday/Anniversary/Retirement Packages Available:
The "celebrant" or a friend supplies the guest list with addresses to Nancy and has a one-on-one meeting with Nancy to acquaint her with the celebrant(s).
Birthday Package: Includes lunch or dinner for a minimum of 12 or more at a restaurant of her choice. Either a set menu is set up and the price is included in the ticket price to get into the party OR each invitee pays for their own meal. Invitee pays anywhere from $35.00 - $50.00, depending on the party, to go towards the celebrant's "personalized" gift experience. That way the person you're honoring isn't out any money, and she doesn't have to plan or pay for her own party! Her wish comes true! A memorable day has been created "in her honor!" All the invitees have to do is come and have a good time!
Birthday Package Plus: Includes all of the above plus participation in an activity of the celebrant's choice either before or after the dinner to extend their time together. The ticket price would be adjusted depending on the activity chosen! Hey, who said that it wasn't costly to be a friend! There's a price to everything! If you can't pay, then you have to wait on tables or do anything the celebrant wants!!! After all, it is her day, and she shouldn't have to pay for her own party!
Special Occasion Package: Includes everything in the Regular Birthday Package plus music or entertainment in the ticket price to come to this "royal" celebration. Unlike most parties, this ticket price goes down with the number of invitees!
Special Moment Engagements: After interviewing the man, creative ideas are submitted to work within his budget, and a plan to carry it out is put into place.

*** Custom packages and pricing are available, upon request!

Let Queen For The Day® be your first and last call for an unforgettable party or a special moment engagement! To get the magic wand pointed in the right direction, call Queen For The Day® at (602) 955-2046 or e-mail Nancy at ladynancy@queenfortheday.com.


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